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    For the power gurus Empty For the power gurus

    Post by Ryan T on Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:39 am

    I know this board has been quiet lately so hopefully will get an answer.

    Recently got a powertap and have been 'just riding' for a few weeks now. As expected, and probably experienced by others I am surprised at how jumpy the power is even when being mindful to keep it at a certain level. The training peaks website says that 'it is very difficult (as well as counterproductive) to try to keep power constantly within a certain range, or zone, at all times during a training session' and then goes on to talk about normalised power. My question(s) are-
    -All of the work outs at back of 'the bible' specify pretty strict zones and times to stay in them. How does this correlate to the above statement?
    -How do you power guys do such workouts?Do you learn to be less stochastic/uneven? What do you display on your head unit? (power, avg power, %ftp, etc) not sure if NP can go on there.

    Any and all advice is appreciated as at the moment i can see this being really frustrating when trying to do a set workout in a certain range..

    Cheers in advance
    Alex R
    Alex R
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    For the power gurus Empty Re: For the power gurus

    Post by Alex R on Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:03 am

    Gday Ryan

    Dunno if you will see this buy you never know.

    I display current watts and total time. I have another screen with total time/distance/ave watts/ave speed. I also have one screen set up with just current watts and another with just max watts. The max one is not useful to me these days as I am not training to sprint anymore.

    As for the zones and how you stay within them, I find that my watts jump probably 40 watts if I am not concentrating, 20 if I pay attention and I can maybe ride a 10 watt window if up a hill or into a head wind. What I try and do when riding a specific zone window is to pick 10 watts either side of the middle fugure and never go over or under that. For example If I was to ride in a zone os 200-250 watts, I would aim to never go over 235 or under 215. The ave watts for the interval usually end up very close to the goal by doing this. This is just how I do it and there will of course be other ways.

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