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    Coaching Directory Guidelines.

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    Coaching Directory Guidelines.

    Post by Alex R on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:58 am

    Hello there

    This section is specifically for those who offer coaching services or similar to make a thread advertising their product. I am including within the directory things like those who do Bike Fit, Running or swimming analysis, Nutrition as well as just pure coaching for any of the disciplines in triathlon or all together.

    To get acccess to make a thread, you need to register an account and send me a personal message saying you want to open a thread as I will have to add you to the users allowed to post in this section. Other people do not have the ability to post in your thread so make sure you add an email or phone number as well as a general location to your thread. Yoou will have the aability to edit as many times as you want.

    I have opened this up so that those who do swing by have the opportunity to have their theories heard and if people like what they read they have the ability to employ you to get the 'cream'. There is only 1 requirement of being added to posters with the ability to post in this section and that is that you must make at least 1 post every 6 months on the web site. This can be as simple as just posting in your own thread started here if you like. What this achieves (somewhat) is that it will keep you coming back and you may see a topic you can expend on in the main forum area. This is something that will be auto set in the software so it WILL need to be done otherwise your account will deactivate automatically.

    To send me a message and get access, click HERE and add Alex R into the recipient box. Easy.

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